Monday, July 2, 2012

Post-class Reflection: June 29, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed attending class on Friday, and discussing more about what to expect in a class about Teaching with Technology.

I left my blogging days behind (back in high school), and hadn't really given much thought to returning to maintaining an online journal. However, the positive energy from the buzzing and lively discussion we had in class has encouraged me to look forward to the renewed experience of being a blogger.

Furthermore, I am looking forward to learning more about technology, and harnessing its potential as a personal and classroom tool that will empower me to do my job creatively and efficiently, help my future students experience the multi-modality of their modern education, and otherwise assist me in my other endeavors that involve the use of technology.

My current computer is a dinosaur, in laptop years, which indicates just how "behind" I've fallen in regards to keeping up with the technological resources available to me. However, I have learned to appreciate the skills I've acquired over the years and am quite fond of my old computer! But I am also ready for a rebirth of sorts, and am now very ready to learn more about technology. It brings me comfort to know that I am not the only student experiencing some trepidation over approaching "things" like setting up blogs.Questions and concerns raised by my classmates makes me feel quite comfortable that, while I am a student learning to be a teacher, I am allowed to spend much of my time in ED 504 just being a student of technology.

I am ready for a technological renaissance!


  1. I applaud your embrace of this learning moment, Shelley, when you can observe and take things in, and indulge in what--hopefully--will be some rich and provocative discussions and explorations. There will be a lot of pressure to go into a somewhat more robotic, "all business" mode, but this opportunity to dig into some deep questions is rare and special. I really want to encourage you, to the maximum extent possible, to keep your eyes on this prize.

  2. I could not agree more with your last line about being able to immerse yourself in being a "student of technology" with this class! The past three weeks have been filled with a wealth of new information, engaging discussions, and more reading assignments than I ever thought possible ;-) Being able to just dive into the realm of technology and learn about the neat ways we can use it in the classroom feels like a much-needed endeavor in low-stress, practical application! I, too, am new to the blog world and very much appreciate knowing I'm not alone in my uncertainties!