Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I am paranoid...

After having checked on the folder for this week's EDUC 504 readings, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the folder was labeled (titled) accordingly to indicate that that there were NO READINGS DUE.

Joy of joys!

My natural response was (now being a veteran of our program)... continue to open the folder to make sure

and make sure
and make sure

that this really was the case.

I didn't judge the folder by its label. - Don't tell me teachers don't work in the summer. Real teachers work all summer.... even if it is Pinning classroom ideas on Pinterest. Sounds like prof. development to me!

I hope you like my little poem about my recently discovered paranoia, developed in response to the intensity of a mostly paperless graduate program. Not only am I learning to be observant in secondary ed classrooms, but I am also becoming an interesting case study to myself...


  1. Dear Case Study --

    There are no readings due tomorrow.

    Direct From the Horse's Mouth

  2. I must tell you, your poem speaks directly to my soul. Be it your god-given knack for poetic sentiment or your eloquence of word choice, I feel ya sister. I am just happy that we've all seemed to make it, and we've definitely been able to help one another through the tougher aspects of the program.

    Also, about your meme. My older sister who is a special ed teacher once said something to me that I haven't been able to forget. She said that lots of people say that once you find a career doing something you love, you never work another day in your life. Then she said that's a huge lie for teachers. She loves it, and she works hard every single day (as all good teachers do). I think the MAC program is definitely prepping us for a lifetime of dedication and hard work.

  3. People really do think that summers are just meant for hanging out. Teachers are always thinking about ways to improve the next year thinking of new activities. I did enjoy your poem!! The paranoia can even go as far as asking everyone what were the exact instructions for an assignment. I know I miss things sometimes and it is nice to have people clarify things for you!

    **** I guess I could use pinterest for professional