Monday, August 6, 2012

Post-class Reflection: August 3, 2012

Since code-switching has recently become an area of interest in our discussions in other classes, I started thinking about it in relation to THIS class, and how it relates to technology. Although it was not brought up in class on Friday, our discussion about SmartBoards and the constant debate about technology needfully vs. needlessly replacing certain classroom "things" made me think about code-switching, in this way:

We are now aware of code-switching between cultures and languages (dialects), but what code-switching takes place when we have virtual/digital/online communication, versus in-person communication? I thought of this specifically in regards to our blogs, and the awareness that we are being watched and exposed to a public audience. What does our verbal, non-verbal, and body language look like when we are in class, all together, on Fridays? And how does this change when we take to expressing ourselves, online, on blogs? Do we change our language because our audience is widely public and this allows for some anonymity? Or are we reserved and strive for a different tone, because the audience simultaneously seems very personal because it includes our classmates and professors?

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